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Monday, December 14, 2009

Well this sucks!

I found out this morning that effective at the end of the current contract option that I am working on, 6 January, I’ll be unemployed. Laid off. Made redundant. Not just me but all three of us that belong to 1 company, my boss and a coworker. There’s almost a zero percent chance that the funding will be found today to keep us on contract after that date. The company has some positions to apply for- in other states! Notgonnahappen!

The organization I’m currently working in expects to begin a major new program in February that should have a budget to allow them to hire a number of people, even more than the 3 of us being laid off but due to the complexities of .gov program implementation, new contracts would have to be negotiated and that program may not get funded as long as the Continuing Resolution for the entire government budget remains in place.

There is also a number of open positions available on base but due to one entire organization packing up and moving to Ohio, all those folks that do not want to relocate get hiring preference until all of them get satisfied with a new job. That could take months before positions get filled with dislocated workers and normal hiring practices resume. I can’t wait that long.


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